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  • Looking for a sports team manager app to help manage availability for training?

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Getting together should be easier

Most plans are made through chat groups. Great for chatting, not so much for planning.

Issues with organising in chats:

1. Confirming numbers

- How many people are coming?

- Did someone just drop out?

- Have we got enough coming?

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Some feedback from our users:


"Loving the app!"

Robbie - Kent

Get together easily with ALL IN

Holding Bills


- Think of something you want to do

- Create a group event with all the info

- Put out some date options and see who can make it

- Book it in the diary


- Build up the excitement

- Add suggestions for activities

- Capture and share your favourite photos


- Enjoy the day

- Capture any expenses, split the bill and settle up

- Start planning the next get together...

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